Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,


The definition of education has undergone a change. As educators, we are compelled to re-format systems to be in consonance with 21st century objectives. Curriculum and pedagogy both must now cater to the production of a world class workforce. At Bal Bharati Public School Khandwa, our initiative is to inculcate learning ability, which means that we prepare people who can and will adapt to change and the future landscape. We aim towards conscious shifting from the less effective didactic forms of teaching which make learning an exercise in passivity. It is the school’s aim to give our students direction not instruction.

Our classrooms are learning centers which are functional, engaging, interactive and intellectually enriching. Through a carefully planned curriculum and innovative pedagogical practices, we strive to create a culture of academic excellence, and ensure that our students are confident and courageous with an enhanced sense of self-worth.

The school that is in its infancy, truly believes that the pursuit of success is incomplete without a deep regard for moral values and social responsibility. In a world crying out for global peace, we must equip the future citizens with values of love, trust, mutual respect, patience and tolerance, and prepare our children to not just make a living, but to make a life for themselves, and those around them, that is rewarding and purposeful in every sense of the word.

As we begin our new journey, taking blessings and guidance from mentors School Chairman, Mr. L.V. Seghal, CE MPPGCL SSTPP, Mr. R.P. Pandey, School Vice Chairman, Mr. R. K. Sahu and School Secretary (Manager), Mrs. Punam Dogra, the team looks forward to a positive synergy among all our stakeholders so that we may lead our children to succeed and become change makers and architects of a world that is more equitable and genteel.

Jyoti Gupta